Mere 8 km away from our company headquarters, we carried out a project in Loděnice for our significant investor, the collective farm Zemědělské družstvo Hraničář. The project consisted in building an additional warehousing hall with an administrative placing as an entirely new building.

Our company carried out the project in the role of the general building contractor.

Our scope of works involved the complete manufacture, transport and installation of the multiple-use hall’s steel frame, designed in our proprietary VEDE construction system as a light latticed structure.  Furthermore, we delivered the complete foundations of the building, all building and masonry work, trades, fittings and fixtures, as well as the surrounding landscaping.

The project was successfully completed and accepted by the investor in July 2019.

Investor: Zemědělské družstvo Hraničář Loděnice
Year: 2018/2019
Total duration: 8 months
Built-up area: 1075 m²