For the needs of large-scale storage of goods and its subsequent dispatch, our company offers construction of logistics centers. They are the optimal solution for these purposes. This is a link to storage, administrative spaces, and spaces for the clearance of trucks.

Logistic centers can often report demanding requirements on thermal insulation properties of roof and wall systems. That is for reasons of the increased heat- technical claims, made by the nature of the stored products.

Logistic centers meet the demanding requirements for high-volume storage, extended handling and dispatch of goods to the customer. Due to the requirements for the storage of the greatest quantity of material and clarity and safety at its handling, high demands are put on the free internal design without internal divisions and supporting structures. It is possible to combine here a great range of modern technologies and design of assembled structures according to the customer’s individual requirements.

Our solutions can link the modern architectural appearance of the centre with its functionality.

The purpose of the logistics center is to hold the largest possible amount of stored goods, that is why these objects are usually very extensive both, in its size and its height. As the reference object we can present the construction of the logistics centre for TQM Holding, a.s. in Opava on the total built-up area of 13000 m².

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The advantages of prefabricated steel logistics centers:

  • Adapting of steel constructions to the form requirements of the the investor
  • High capacity of stored goods
  • Fast and flexible installation
  • High heat-insulating properties of roof and wall systems
  • Simple additional edit of disposition of steel structures

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