In cooperation with the general contractor – STAVORENOL s.r.o., our Company realized a new building of storage hall for the investor Garsys, s.r.o. in Horní Suchá in 2017. The scope of our work consisted in the construction of upper extension of the storage building in the size of 24.5×60 m with a crest height of 7.2 m. The storage hall was designed in the VEDE steel construction system made of light truss structure in a saddle design. The building is designed with a free internal layout. The delivery and realization of the building included complete cladding of the storage hall, where a mineral sandwich panel from our long-time business partner – Kingspan – was used due to increased fire-protection requirements, as well as all the façade opening panels, such as windows, doors, gates and, last but not least, all tinsmithing elements and ironworks,

We would like to thank STAVORENOL s.r.o. for excellent cooperation.

Investor: Garsys, s.r.o.
Year: 2017
Total duration: 2 months
Built-up area: 1470 m²