In cooperation with the main contractor Metrostav a.s., we participated in a new construction project: Svojsíkova Sports Hall, located in the town of Český Těšín.

The realisation of the work on our part can be divided into two parts.

The first part included the production, delivery and complete assembly of the steel skeleton of the sports hall, which in this case was constructed using a steel frame design measuring 43.8 x 29 m with a maximum internal headroom of 9.6 m. We also supplied the cladding of the sports hall, exterior sheet metal  and ironmongery, installed the roof supporting trapezoidal sheet metal as well as interior sheet metal and ironmongery to complete the inner grandstand for the spectators.

The second part involved the erection of the steel superstructure on the brick hall facilities which was again in a steel frame design. Part of our delivery and installation of this superstructure was a complete wall cladding made of backlit panels and fitting of all sheet metal elements.

We are very pleased to have been a part of this construction project.

This project has been included in our portfolio of sport projects.

Investor: The town of Český Těšín
Year: 2018-2019
Total duration: 9 months
Built-up area: 1269 m²