In the first half of 2015, our company in the role of the general contractor implemented a project to build a new bottle and keg warehouse for a brewery operated by Pivovar Uherský in Uherský Brod.

The general contract included the entire foundations of the building, the construction of steel frames of the hall and roofing and external wall cladding, doors, windows, thermal insulation, metalwork and sheetmetal installations. The load-bearing steel frame was designed in our proprietary VEDE construction system as a light latticework structure with dimensions 22.36 x 25 m and indoor clearance of 6 m. Light sandwich panels were used for the building’s external cladding.

Investor: Pivovar Uherský Brod a.s.
Year: 2015
Total duration: 4 months
Built-up area: 559 m²