For more than 20 years, our company designs, manufactures and assembles production industrial halls. For the production purposes we suggest particular lattice steel structures with the possibility of the use of bridge cranes with free internal layout. We produce the halls with a standard range up to 30 m but according to the client’s requirements, we are able to design and supply the hall with a wider span.

Normally, these production halls, due to the constant movement of workers, are designed with roof and wall thermal insulation systems. A big emphasis is put on lighting by the natural light. It is at these production areas on the roof covering done by: roof straps, skylights or lastly with the help of local lighting. Concerning wall cladding, these spaces can be further made lighter by using light belts and window elements.

Industrial halls together with storage halls fall into our most common type of prefabricated buildings.

For the purposes of production halls, concerning handling heavy loads, these interior spaces can be equipped with overhead cranes. We are able to design the steel construction for the overhead crane with a maximum optimization, to satisfy the needs of our client. Commonly we produce production halls of the loading capacity of cranes from 5 000 kg up to 32 000 kg.

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The benefits of steel production halls:

  • Variability of steel structures according to the customer´s requirements
  • Individual span with free disposition
  • Location of overhead travelling cranes
  • Fast and flexible installation
  • A wide range of wall and roof systems

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