As the project general contractor, we built for our long-term business partner, the FILIPA pracovní oděvy a pomůcky s.r.o. company, a new corporate head office in the town of Opava.

FILIPA pracovní oděvy a pomůcky s.r.o. manufactures work clothing and accessories and sells protectives. It manufactures a wide range of overalls and overalls sets, medical clothing, clothing for the food processing and HORECA industries, and other.

Our project was to build a front administrative section with a total floor space of 126 m2 and a rear, 184 m2 floor space section to house production.

The steel framework of the entire building was designed in our proprietary VEDE structural system.

Our general contract scope of work included the complete founding of the building, interior masonry, complete building trades and fixtures and fittings, exterior landscaping, sheetmetal and metalwork fittings.

The successfully completed project was accepted by the investor for use.

We classify this project as halls with administration.

Investor: FILIPA pracovní oděvy a pomůcky s.r.o.
Year: 2018-2019
Total duration: 8 months
Built-up area: 310 m²