In the second half of 2019, we were honoured to undertake the construction of a new sports hall in the village of Stěbořice, located in the district of Opava, just 10 km from the headquarters of our company.

We were the main contractors for the whole build.

The construction of the hall took place on the premises of the local primary school and was divided into two parts. The first part involved the complete demolition of the existing brick sports hall. The second part then included the complete new construction of a new sports hall, including the construction of a smaller grandstand with facilities.

The construction of the new sports hall was designed in a lattice construction system with dimensions of 19.52 x 42.52 m with the ridge height of 8.98 m with an open plan internal layout.

As the main contractor our company laid the complete foundations for the building, produced, delivered and installed the steel hall skeleton including its cladding using sandwich panels, supplied all roof and façade windows and doors, supplied trade and construction workers, final sheet metal  and ironmongery works and last but not least supplied all sports flooring and equipment.

This project has been included in our portfolio of sport halls.

The work was successfully completed and handed over to the client.

Investor: The village of Stěbořice
Year: 2019-2020
Total duration: 8,5 months
Built-up area: 830 m²