We are very glad that we could participate during the construction and innovation of the production plant for ARMATURY Group a.s. from  Dolní Benešov located some 19 km from the headquarters of our company.

The construction of the steel hall together with the complete roof and wall cladding and filling of openings was implemented between March and June 2013.

A three-aisle hall with the total dimensions of 64,5×133 m, total built-up area of 8 033 m², lattice columns, crane runways for 9 bridge cranes with the maximum lifting capacity of 32 000 kg, all of this was included in the project for ARMATURY Group a.s. in Dolní Benešov implemented by our company.

Investor: ARMATURY Group a.s.
Year: 2013
Total duration: 3 months
Built-up area: 8100 m²