In June 2018, our company commenced as the project general contractor the construction of a project called: Bidfood Czech Republic s.r.o Meat and Venison Cutting and Packaging Premises

Our scope of works was to build the total of three buildings together making the production premises. A part of a single-floor hall for meat processing, extending over a floor area of 826 m2, two-floor production section, social facilities for offices and changing rooms with a floor area of 871 m2, and last but not least, side warehouse addition with a built-up area of 176 m2.

Our scope of works included all civil works, complete manufacture, transport and assembly of the steel frames for all buildings, the installation of roof and external wall cladding, including all windows, doors and entry gates, interior installations and building trades, including all metalwork and sheetmetal structures and fittings.

Investor: Bidfood Czech Republic s.r.o.
Year: 2018-2019
Total duration: 7,5 months
Built-up area: 1873 m²