In the beginning of last calendar year 2018, our company FEMONT OPAVA s.r.o successfully won a bidding competition for the construction of a new project for a highly valued investor in the Moravskoslezský Region, the Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o. company, seated in Vrbno pod Pradědem. We started working on the not-so-easy project as early as in March 2018 to deliver a steel superstructure over an existing two-floor building so as to provide and extend new manufacturing premises.

On our part, the general contract for the new production premises superstructure involved:

  • complete construction work to reinforce the existing concrete foundation structures, both in the interior and exterior
  • complete construction and installation work to reinforce and strengthen interior and exterior vertical structures – columns and walls
  • removal of existing rooflights, including the covering of the resulting openings
  • production, delivery and installation of the complete superstructure steel skeleton, including the actual extension of a steel part of the superstructure outside the masonry building
  • roof and external wall cladding with mineral sandwich panels, including interfacing to the existing masonry building.
  • complete construction and delivery of 2 lift wells
  • heavy-duty flooring in the superstructure, including all trades and opening installations in the roof and external wall enclosure
  • other building and installation finishing work

The built-up area of the superstructure was 3707 m2 with dimensions 101.44 m x 36.55 m. The overall concept of the steel frame superstructure connecting to the actual reinforcement of the existing building used a specific technical solution. The superstructure was designed as a two-bay frame structure with pin-joint mounted poles. The poles are anchored to the floor structure newly created above the roof level of the existing one-floor building.  Floor girders are, for the most part, designed as simple girders spanning over 18000 mm. In addition to the usual permanent load and climatic action, the design of the superstructure also considered movable load 500 kg/m2. Considering the additional weight imposed by the superstructure and the condition of the existing structures, the design utilized a specific solution under which the vertical loads are transferred by newly constructed columns both inside and outside of the building, at the places where the floor girders are embedded. Such new columns are connected to the existing building masonry at several levels, which provided for the column stability and the transfer of horizontal effects of applied loads.

Considering the substantial load applied to the foundations of the building at points of butt ends, it was necessary to reinforce the existing foundations by adding a special reinforced-concrete frame.

The project also involved a new addition connecting to the existing building with the superstructure.

The actual general delivery of the work on our part only took a little less than 7 months and was successfully completed and accepted by the investor for use in September 2018.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our greatest thanks to Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o. and its management for their trust in us and their excellent, smooth cooperation along the entire implementation of this custom-made superstructure construction project.

Investor: Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o.
Year: 2018
Total duration: 7 months
Built-up area: 4162 m²