Realization of the dispatch reservoirs for company MLÝN HERBER spol. s r.o. consisted in delivery and mounting of the steel structure for placing the dispatch reservoirs. The prefabricated structure for the technology with the dimensions of 5×8 m and the high of 23 m was equipped with the roof and wall cladding with the use of trapezoidal sheet metal plates.

The second part of this job consisted in delivery and mounting of two dispatch reservoirs with the diameter of 3,6 m and the high of 14 m. The dispatch reservoirs were equipped with technological equipment, such as the pressure conveyance pipeline, the compressed air distributing pipeline, the reservoirs’ exhaust pipeline, the heavy-current operation distribution, the earthing system and the lightning conductors, also the control system was modified.

Realizing this job, we could apply our professionalism and experience within the portfolio of the technological structures.

Investor: MLÝN HERBER spol. s r.o.
Year: 2016
Total duration: 2 months
Built-up area: 40 m2, 113 m3