Cladding of the buildings can be selected from several versions. Each of the versions has its specifics in terms of different physical and technical parameters and demands for the implementation of the construction.
The selection of the cladding version depends on the specific conditions of the construction under consideration.

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Sendvičový stěnový panel s profilací BOX

BOX profile

Sendvičový stěnový panel s profilací EURO

EURO profile

Sendvičový stěnový panel s profilací MICRO

MICRO profile

Sendvičový stěnový panel s profilací MINIBOX

MINIBOX profile

Sendvičový stěnový panel s profilací W

W profile

Sandwich panels are the most frequently used types of cladding of steel structures of our halls. The type of the panels is selected based on the specific requirements. The selection of the types of the panels depends on the requirements for heat insulation, technical, fire protection, and possibly acoustic properties. Sandwich panels enable us to offer a wide range of surface profiling and color scheme solutions to our customers.

Structural width of the panels is usually 1000 mm or 1150 mm.
The panels are laid vertically or horizontally.

Thickness d (mm)40–200 mm60–200 mm
Application of the panel (mounting)vertically or horizontally
Minimum gradient of the panelsmin. 8,5 %
Heat transfer coefficient U (W/m²K)0,595–0,1120,673–0,210
Fire resistancemax. EW 60 DP3max. EW 120 DP1
Anchoring of the panelsvisible or invisible anchoring
Skládaný stěnový plášť z trapézového plechu

The combined cladding is an alternative to sandwich panels. It is a system of loadbearing waffles with additionally inserted heat insulation layer. The visible covering layer is usually made of trapezoidal plates.

Our company offers combined wall cladding for wall structures with high demands for fire resistance of wall cladding.

Nezateplené stěnové opláštění z trapézového plechu

Wall cladding of facilities without the requirement for heat insulation properties is made of trapezoidal plates. This system is used mainly for industrial and agricultural warehousing facilities.

Trapezoidal wall plates are rolled of galvanized plates and they are provided with color coating. The color scheme can be selected from a wide range of colors.

The supplied solutions of the VEDE system.