In case of this type of structures the transversal skeleton links usually consist of built-in columns with lattice girders. From the architectural point of view, this structure is very aesthetic. The lattice girders use high-quality closed sections with round edges. Within the scope of the selected technological procedures we are able to achieve meticulous solution of all connections. This type of the roof structure enables easy placement of installations and piping without the need for penetrations.

The columns of ordinary halls use thin-walled system sections that allow us to ensure high loadbearing capacity and rigidity of the entire structure with low weight.

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This type of structure is a very good combination of cost-effective solution with interesting architectural look of the structure.

Single-aisle halls

This is the most common type of halls. The halls have a free layout without internal columns. The roof structure is of a double-sloping type. This type of halls represents a cost-effective solution for buildings with a span up to 30 m.

Multiple-aisle halls

These halls allow for optimal utilization of the created space. They are expedient for extensive production or warehousing facilities. The number of the individual aisles is not limited. In case of a requirement for a free internal layout we can add trusses in order to eliminate some of the internal columns.

Halls with single-sloping roofs

This type of halls is used in case of a requirement for a single sloping of the roof. They are expedient for various appendix structures to the existing buildings without the need for valleys between the roofs. These halls are used even when it is technically impossible to ensure draining of rainwater along the entire perimeter of the building.

Halls with bridge cranes

Halls with crane runways for bridge cranes can be implemented with single-sloping and double-sloping types of roofs. The static system with built-in columns and beams on hinged bearings creates sufficiently rigid structure for transferring of all forces from the crane loads to the foundations. Our halls can be equipped with cranes based on the requirements of the customer. Halls with bridge cranes use columns made of close sections or lattice columns.

Halls with built-in floor

This solution is frequently used by the customers in order to create comprehensive facilities for the entire business. The structure based on our design can expediently combine the production and warehousing facilities with administration facilities. Our concept will ensure preventing negative interference of the individual operations despite the interconnections of the individual parts.

The supplied solutions of the VEDE system.