In case of this type of structures the transversal skeleton links consist of frames with hinged bearings. The most common type of these structures consists of solid frames.

Thanks to welding on an automatic line we are able to ensure standard quality of the welds. The benefits of frame structures consist in minimum torque loading of the foundations which enables significant optimization of the dimensions of the foundations. Solid frame structures also allow for maximum utilization of the space along the entire area of the hall under the roof plane. Lattice frame structures combine the benefits of frame structures and structures with lattice girders with hinged bearings. This type of structure is used mainly for buildings with large spans. A good example is represented by tennis halls.

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Welding of frames from plates allows us to make an optimal design of the structure and subsequently offer a cost-effective solution to the customer.

Rámové konstrukce systému VEDE

Frames welded of rolled sections

Welded frames represent the most common solution for frame structures. They allow highly cost-effective design with optimal utilization of the sections. Frames made of rolled sections can use commonly available system of rolled sections which in certain situations can significantly accelerate production and the implementation of the entire work. These types of structures are very often used for agricultural facilities.

Příhradové konstrukce systému VEDE

Lattice frames

Lattice structures enable an optimal design of hall facilities with a large span and at the same time they allow architecturally very interesting structural design. The lattice frames use closed sections with round edges. The entire structure is very highly aesthetic.

The supplied solutions of the VEDE system.