Wall accessories enable us to satisfy the requirements of our customer and to ensure technical and functional solution necessary for the individual intent of the work. Thanks to these accessories we can freely amend the cladding with components ensuring daylight illumination, ventilation, and access to the building.

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Windows represent suitable elements for daylight illumination and ventilation for most of the halls delivered by our company. They ensure maximum daylight illumination of internal areas.

For our structures we offer a wide range of window systems with excellent physical and technical parameters.

Daylight illumination strips are suitable for large halls. The illumination strips usually consist of polycarbonate plates or insulation glass.

We offer a wide range of doors. Standard doors delivered with our halls include insulation glazing.

We offer a wide range of gate systems for our structures.

The most frequently used types of gates:

  • Sectional industrial gates with electric drive (these can be combined with daylight illumination and integrated doors)
  • Shutter industrial gates with electric drive
  • Manual gates (single-wing, double-wing, sliding on bearings, etc.)

Ventilation louvers ensure exchange and circulation inside the halls. They are installed usually directly to the wall cladding.

The supplied solutions of the VEDE system.