In Město Albrechtice, our Company has built a new emergency transport centre for a local emergency rescue service – fire brigade.

The construction of the building with a total area of 652 m2 is divided into a transport section, which is used to park mobile rescue machines, and a two-storey administration section with a floor plan of 90 m2. A steel supporting structure with roof truss frame encased with sandwich panels was used as a supporting framing. In the case of this hall building, the roof skin is solved as a folded, PVC-foil topped skin suitable for low-pitch roofs. Ruukki as a contractor of the façade skin of the hall was chosen to supply a special façade panel with so-called façade wool, providing an original look in a red tone of the whole building.

Investor: The town of Albrechtice
Year: 2015
Total duration: 3,5 months
Built-up area: 652 m²