In 2014, we successfully realized the construction of the car showroom with car service ŠKODA in Nový Jičín for the Car Center Lukáš. The showroom’s dimensions are 19,5×30,5 m, the car service’s area is 13,5×30,5 m. For the car showroom and car service, there was used the lattice type of the steel structure, for the roof and wall cladding, the sandwich panel was proposed. The architectural expression of the car showroom is amplified by the glassed-in façade. The layout with internal dividing and supporting structures ensures sufficient variability of the premise.

The overall proposal of the building complies with the architectural concept of ŠKODA Company.

Investor: Car Center Lukáš
Year: 2014
Total duration: 2 months
Built-up area: 1007 m²