In 2017, our Company as a general contractor realized the renovation of a service hall with showroom in Ostrava – Svinov for the investor – AUTOBOND GROUP a.s.

The service hall and showroom serve for Toyota car service and sales. Renovation of the showroom consisted of complete demolition of the original building. After the modification of the lower structure, a new steel framing was built on the original site. It was newly cladded in the roof plane with a folded insulated skin in a panel design. The façade is partially cladded with sandwich panels, and for the most part, especially at the main entrance of the showroom, it is completely glazed. As a part of the renovation and general delivery itself, the reinforcement of the exterior surface, laying of the tiles, and the interior floor were carried out.

Investor: AUTOBOND GROUP a.s.
Year: 2017
Total duration: 5 months
Built-up area: 312 m²