Agricultural warehousing hall for the Opava based company ZEMĚDĚLSKÁ a.s. Opava-Kylešovice located in Kylešovice near Opava in the Moravian-Silesian region was built in the second half of 2009 within less than 6 months as a turn-key-project.

Technically the warehousing hall was designed as a frame structure and it is used for storing of grain crops with a maximum capacity of 3000 t. The total built-up area of the facility is approx. 1000 m². Internal agricultural areas were divided by concrete prefabricated walls that are used for storing and separation of grain crops. In order to ensure air circulation and maintain the required interior humidity, the hall is equipped with ventilation penetrations placed along the entire length of the roof crest of the hall.

Investor:ZEMĚDĚLSKÁ a.s. Opava-Kylešovice
Total duration:6 months
Built-up area:1000 m²