A new tower for VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s. that is used for utilization of waste heat from EAF no. 5 – PS 101 Boiler Room, was built at the end of 2012 and in the beginning of 2013 within just four months.

The entire construction project consisted of 4 parts. The first part – the BOILER, makes the central part of the tower and is used for housing of the entire heating equipment of Heavy Machinery, a.s. together with the individual platforms on the individual floors and with the staircase. All of this with a height of 19 m. The second part – the BOILER ROOM, consisted of a separate building covering and protecting the internal part of the boiler with the technology with a built-up area of 156 m² with a height of 25 m. The third part – ROOFING OF THE CONTAINERS, consisted of a simple steel structure with trapezoidal roof cladding and the fourth part – EXHAUST OF FLUE GASES FROM THE FLUE DUCT, consisted of the steel structures of the energo-bridges used for the connecting technology connecting the existing facilities in Vítkovice with the new boiler room.

Total duration:4 months
Built-up area:160 m²