In 2016, there was performed a construction of the production and storage hall determined for the treatment of fruit juices and ciders for company Vinný dům (Wine house) in Bzenec. The entire complex had the built-up area of 3340 m².

The steel structure is two-storeyed with a latticed tie and clamped thin-walled columns – the VEDE structural system. The roof cladding consists of a folded roof with trapezoidal zincified sheet metal, mineral cotton and polystyrene. The wall cladding was solved with the use of the heat-insulated metal sandwich panel.

What was unique in this construction was almost 2000 m² of inner separating walls from a sandwich polyurethane panel. The hall was completed by windows, doors, gateways and tinsmith elements.

Investor:Vinný dům spol. s r.o.
Total duration:7 months
Built-up area:3340 m²