In the autumn of 2015 we implemented fabrication, delivery, and installation of the finished goods warehouse for the Strojírenské kovovýrobní družstvo SDK in Bojkovice.

This was a lattice steel structure in the VEDE system with fire resistance of 15 minutes. The increased requirement for fire resistance of 30 minutes was ensured by fire proof coating. Lighting is ensured by two polycarbonate skylights in the ridge of the roof with a length of 24 m.

For this project we used 3 types of insulated steel sandwich panels with different types of thermal insulation.

  • IPN core with fire resistance of EW 30 DP3 and mineral wool with fire resistance of EI 30 DP1 for the vertical wall system
  • polyurethane with fire resistance of REI 15 DP3 for the roof system
Investor:Strojírenské kovovýrobní družstvo SKD
Total duration:2 months
Built-up area:770 m²