The warehousing hall for bulk animal fodder and hey in the Slovak village of Mestečko, Trenčín district, some 11 km from the borders with the Czech Republic was implemented for the municipality farm in Mestečko. The warehousing hall was built in place of the former animal fodder and hey warehouse which had been destroyed in the beginning of 2013 by fire.

Our company implemented this project as the general contractor, including the foundation structures, starting in October 2013. The warehousing hall with the dimensions of 17,5×60 m and the crest height of 10 m was the largest turn-key-project implemented by our company in 2013.

For this project we used bent galvanized plates for creation of vertical wall frames located in the interior side of the hall cladding and these frames serve as protection of the wall cladding against possible lateral falling of the stored material on the walls of the warehousing hall.

Approximately in 2/3 of the floor area the hall floor, made of concrete sleepers, is equipped with air blowing pipes blowing air from the outside by 9 pieces of electric blowers located in the external cladding of the hall placed at the level of the new floor.

Investor:Poľnohospodárské družstvo Mestečko
Total duration:2 months
Built-up area:1050 m²