Construction of the warehousing hall for IREKS ENZYMA s.r.o. in Kroměříž for warehousing of poppy seed was built at the end of 2013 and in the beginning of 2014 within two and a half months.

The warehousing hall with a flooring of 875 m² and the total crest height of 14 m was founded into pocket footings.

This project was implemented in cooperation with Kingspan a.s. from  Hradec Králové, which delivered all wall and roof sandwich cladding panels.

IREKS ENZYMA s.r.o. which has been operating its business for more than 150 years focuses on production of baker’s mixtures and production of high-quality brewer’s malt for a number of major breweries.

Investor:IREKS ENZYMA s.r.o.
Year:the turn of 2013–2014
Total duration:2 and ½ months
Built-up area:875 m²